Emergencies Are Our Specialty!


Absolute Septic Pumping LLC

Absolute Septic Pumping, L.L.C. purchased the septic portion of Universal Disposal Inc. back in September 2016.  We are a family based company that takes pride in our company and our customers.  The company can provide multiple services for commercial and residential customers, such as trash traps, grease traps, & septic hauling.  The company has a Jetter to take care of those tough clogs or backups.  They can do jetting up to 24″ lines, camera, and video taping of any line inspections.

If you would like to call our office at (440) 543-2585 and speak with one of our knowledgeable employees, they will be happy to answer any of your questions and get you set up for service.  They will even send you a reminder the next time that your system is going to need to be pumped out again.

If you have an emergency at any time of day, please give us a call at (440) 543-2585 and we will get you taken care of.

Absolute Pumping, L.L.C. looks forward to hearing from you and serving your septic needs.

B & J Environmental has been serving our customers in the Water & Wastewater field for more than two decades.  We are experienced with providing a licensed operator to customers from public entities and independent business owners.  Our team of operators can be as involved as your want, or just fulfill the minimum requirements- the choice is yours!  B & J Environmental is fully insured.  We can maintain a facility as an independent contractor as well as providing chemicals for your treatment facility.

The two options we provide are:

Sampling: Consisting, but not limited to: flow, DO, pH, and CI2 on site.  All other samples are collected and taken to an authorized lab for analysis.

Monitoring… Of the plant 2-7 times per week.  Monitoring operating reports are included, prepared, and submitted for your facility on your behalf.

To answer your questions or get you started on a monthly plan, just call (330) 889-3364 or (440) 537-5329. We’re happy to assist you in selecting the option that is best for your current needs.

24 Hour Service

At Absolute Septic LLC, we specialize in 24/7 emergency calls!

We are Certified to work in Hunting Valley Village and South Russell Village!

Enviornmentally friendly septic services

We care about the environment! This is the treatment facility where we dispose of the waste we haul.  This method of disposing allows the Earth to stay clean as it is treated before it is released back into the environment. Unlike other companies, we use this method year round.

Other companies use land dumping to dispose of their waste. The waste ends up making its way back into the water systems before getting treated.